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New Dekalin products!
Dekalin introduced 2 new products at this year's Caravan Salon: Dekaphon Pro-Wax is a multipurpose anti-corrosion wax to protect your camper ...

Distributors wanted!
We are looking for a pro-active distributor in France and in Finland for our Dekalin brand. For more information or questions, please feel f ...

Dekalin Repair Kit
Dekalin now offers first aid on board your caravan or camper!  You don’t have to run to your nearest dealer for small repairs to ...

New product videos available!
We have uploaded our new Dekalin product videos on YouTube. Please click on the links below and take a look. Bonding & Sealing (Dekasyl ...



Dekalin is offering different kind of other technologies, that can be interesting for all type of industries:

- Fillers;
- Lacquers;
- Putties;
- Cleaners;
- Primers.

For more detailed information please contact Dekalin.